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Applications are Now Open

Why This Program

The transition from the military or athletics into the civilian world is complex and demands new skills and knowledge. Tuck's Next Step program is your partner to navigate that transition and set your sights on a new horizon: a career in business.

This hybrid digital and residential certificate program combines a rigorous two-month online learning phase with a 10-day residential experience on the Dartmouth campus in Hanover, NH, to deliver an education experience that is both immersive and impactful. Together with the members of your cohort, you’ll be transformed. 

About Next Step

Take Your Next Step

Refine what you know, discover what you don't know, and build the right business acumen to help you move forward in your career.

Become a part of a powerful network. Our unparalleled career development resources and wide-ranging industry connections will fuel your transition.

Realize the power of your potential and gain the confidence to enter the competitive business world as a top candidate.

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Key Information

Program Dates
Spring 2021
Online learning phase: begins February 8
Residential learning phase: April 11-21

Application Deadline
We expect that this year's application period will be shorter than in previous years, so we recommend applying as soon as you are able. The application will be open until at least September 4 but beyond that point, we will make a decision when to close based on the turnout.

Program Fee
Category 1: $5,000
Category 2: $2,500
The full program price is charitably underwritten by donors and Tuck; the participant fee covers the balance of tuition, materials, accommodations, and most meals. Please review our frequently asked questions for more information.

Apply Today

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Some of Tuck's most esteemed MBA faculty teach in Next Step, so the program is rigorous and intensive, offering veterans and elite athletes the opportunity to build the business know-how needed to excel in the next phase of their careers. Since the program began in 2017, our alumni have gone on to successful careers at major companies like Amazon, Goldman Sachs, and Facebook.

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The Next Step

The Next Step Advantage

  • Foundation in Business Acumen
  • Career Development Skills
  • Professional Exposure
I wanted to see what the real world offered. This program was attractive because it’s not an MBA with a two-year commitment, but an opportunity to get my feet wet and realize what I don’t know. It’s kind of scary but also inspiring.
Captain, U.S. Army
Every day is filled with extremely dense experiences and skills that add onto each other. I’m drained at the moment, but at the same time stimulated, excited, and full of knowledge I didn’t have before I came.
Olympic Bronze Medalist, USA Swimming Team
The initial day, all the military people clustered together and we used jargon and acronyms, but when we started mingling with the athletes, it all clicked. We have a lot in common.
Jan Ingram
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I was amazed by how much I was able to absorb in such a short amount of time. Not only do the professors at Tuck possess this great knowledge of what they're teaching, but they're also passionate about it.
Conlin McCabe
Olympic Silver Medalist, Canada Rowing Team

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